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WWF Sustainable fishing campaign

How a campaign for sustainable fishing won the hearts of the local community.






To effectively merge essentially a restrictive or unwanted message to the audience, partnership with fishermen who rely on sea exploitation, and the prevailing belief that the Adriatic is abundant in fish quantities, truly requires a lot of imagination and stretching, especially if we aim to achieve a positive reaction, appreciation, and broad awareness of the underlying issue.

Riding the wave of inspiration on a sea full of challenges.

The strength of a brand also lies in the quality of its response to current hardships or unfavorable situations.

Using the theme of holidays, we devised a small digital campaign in which we swapped roles and personified marine creatures, allowing the audience to relate in a certain way and perceive the scale of the issue and the correlating importance of annual fishing bans in a non-offensive manner. Additionally, through a charming giveaway with paraphrases of domestic expressions, we approached the fishermen themselves, suggesting more profitable fishing models linked to tourism and leisure.