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Podravka meat products branding and packaging

How meat products of a domestic food industry leader got a recognizable and authentic identity.





Creating a new, modern, and eye-catching visual identity for a fairly wide range of products, while retaining recognizability, strength, and the aesthetics of the brand, is a challenge that is always relished. Taking into account the appropriate territory of solutions based on in-depth analysis of competition's packaging and consumer perceptions, the new design combined a domestic feel, premium taste, and big brand trustworthiness.

A food branding, a food for thought.

Packaging is one of the most important segments of FMCG branding as it directly conveys characteristics, values, and experience.

Besides good and creative design that fulfills its purpose, the imperative in creating the visual identity of a product line is undoubtedly its flexibility and modularity. For this reason, we paid extra attention to universal brand assets as indicators of its identity and generators of instant recognizability, especially within in-store context.