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Kofein d.o.o. 2024

Podravka Ketchup

Save your palate from boredom campaign

How a usual condiment aroused a noteworthy interest and the appetite of Generation Z.







Following the basic idea of the campaign that we set up in the budget edition on digital channels a year earlier, we created a sort of sequel, a production and media reinforced variant primarily aimed at heavy users of the category and ketchup lovers. With a new innovative packaging and the backdrop of the overarching Podravka brand, we utilized the acquired brand equity to increase awareness and trial.

Ketching up with the competition and the trends.

There's no success without recognizing the true core audience and heavy users of the category, along with their habits, tastes, and needs.

Through dynamic, entertaining, and easy-to-digest expression, along with generationally oriented content, we not only sparked the interest of the targeted audience but also reinforced the perception of product quality, resulting in positive effects on market share. Extension to digital and below-the-line channels also ensured stable visibility and relevance of the brand.