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Pliva Campaign Plivit X Centennial Anniversary

How a famous pharmaceutical company celebrated its big anniversary and put the welfare of its loyal customers in focus.







Based on the sincere human desire for good health and considerable multi-generational corporate brand equity, we have created a broad and meaningful communication platform for a portfolio of dietary supplements, vitamins, and minerals, paving the way for the creation of value-added content for social media and meaningful PR communication.

Investing in the health of the brand pays off both in the long term and in the short term.

A successful strategy relies on identifying the core strength of the brand, from the storytelling and the experience to the product and the price.

Thinking outside the box of a classic hard-sell product campaign and acknowledging the untapped potential of the brand's 100th anniversary, along with the additional effort of delving into the archives and discovering museum-preserved packaging, we have located a powerful idea through a relatively simple yet effective production approach. This idea not only aligns with the foundational principles of the brand but also resonates with the core values of all generations.