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Old Pilot's Gin

How a Croatian microdistillery became known for the best gin in the world.







!brand story

What originally began as a friendship and an exhilarating hobby for two young pilots has transformed into a collaborative venture and a lifelong dedication. The passion for flying, combined with a love for the finest and highest quality beverages, inspired the two pilots to establish the Croatian craft distillery "Spirit in a Bottle" and craft a truly distinctive gin. The dream of a craft product, where every step from distillation to filling and packaging is carried out by their own hands, has been poured into a unique brand that embodies it in every aspect.

Crafted in every aspect, thought through in every angle, detailed to perfection.

A good gin mixology consists of combining the attention of gin enthusiasts with the admiration of gin connoisseurs.

From the impressive and personalized bottle, dynamic label lines, special textured paper, to aviator-themed brand assets, copper reflections as a homage to the original distillation, sealing wax with the distillery seal, and hidden details that captivate the imagination. Incredible attention has been devoted to every detail of the packaging and the impression the brand evokes among consumers and expert audiences. Proof of this is the awards won at all renowned national and global spirit competitions, as well as a noticeable increase in sales in both horeca and retail channels.