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How an iconic grill place made a 180° turn and revolutionized the local gastronomic scene.



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Once known for its grill specialties of the local Balkan cuisine, unconstrained fun and wild music, Maredo Grill has undergone its brand renaissance by adopting an entirely new approach. From redefining the location itself, menu, architecture, interior design, colors, to communication methods, atmosphere, quality of offerings, innovative, and almost pioneering elements in the local hospitality industry, the new branding has holistically embraced and its new DNA.

Fresh thinking, spiced with a peppery strategy, paired with a tasteful execution and baked to perfection.

Repositioning a brand involves not only nurturing its existing audience but also welcoming new ones, even if it means parting ways with some of the old.

By combining a passion for good food, global culinary trends, a good rhythm, flavor experimentation, flirtation with fine dining repertoire, hospitality flair, and genuine human emotion, we have created a new identity and expression that defines contemporary urban gastronomic hedonism. This sensual synesthesia has been quickly recognized not only by the gained audience and respectable food critics but also by the industry, hinting at a new era in restaurant branding approaches.