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How a small brand of gluten free beer stood alongside established breweries.







Although Croatia is considered a small market, potentially limiting the exploitation of certain market niches, ventures into the unknown can sometimes yield fruit and be highly lucrative. The story of Gardia gluten-free beer is precisely such a tale. Besides catering to the health-conscious segment of the audience, it cleverly tapped into the trend of mindful eating and well-being. The idea is embodied through a brand that exudes trust and safetyness on one hand, while offering relaxation and enjoyment on the other.

Cheer to those who cherish their wellness and joyful vibes.

Brewing good beer is very much like brewing a good brand; it requires passion, experience, and quality ingredients.

Considering the overly saturated category of craft beers and the strength of large national brands, Gardia is positioned delicately between these two worlds. Its name, classic visual expression, and measured communication establish a trustworthy position. Through the quality choice of materials, finishing, color coding of future lines, and details such as the logo with the letter "g" reminiscent of the digestive tract, it conveys a sense of craft quality. A good business idea plus good execution equals a refreshing addition to the market in every sense.