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My world, my responsibility campaign

How an environmental campaign caused an incredible response from the public.







Campaigns in the field of ecology often struggle to effectively convey their ultimate goal and prompt deeper reflection and attitude change. Therefore, making their story as perceptible, personal, and practical as possible is crucial. For this reason, we approached the national campaign by FZOEU through the eyes of the viewers, utilizing an introspective form and focusing on individual motivation.

A sustainable future is a serious topic with serious repercussions, thus requiring a serious narrative.

Being relatable to the end consumer is essential, particularly when it's accompanied by a shift in mindset and a certain action.

By combining three levels of communication - the main statement-oriented one and two secondary levels aimed at raising awareness about incentives for purchasing electric vehicles and household energy renovation - within a 360 campaign featuring a celebrity endorser, we created an impactful and potent platform. This resulted in significant interest and an enormous number of applications for incentives within the very first few minutes of the launch.