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How a unique herbal liqueur became the flagship of the industry.










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Telling the intricate tale of a product steeped in history and complexity, one that unfolds layers of intrigue and reveals myriad stories, is a thrilling challenge in itself. From its captivating origins and its backgroud as a therapeutic liqeur sold in pharmacies, to the enigmatic allure of its authentic, one-of-a-kind bottle enshrined in the Zagreb City Museum, and its prestigious past of gracing the tables of European nobility – each facet adds to its mystique. Infused with a bounty of meticulously curated domestic medicinal herbs and distilled through the artisanal craft process in traditional copper stills, this elixir embodies centuries of tradition and craftsmanship. Within the rich legacy of Franjo Pokorny and the captivating history of Pelinkovac lies the very heart and soul of the brand, igniting our passion and driving our inspiration forward.

An old and nearly forgotten tale in a new edition that intrigues with mystique and originality.

Croatia is abundant with a rich and fascinating heritage, boasting incredible brand potential that only a selected few, like Antique Pelinkovac can truly claim.

To do justice to the story of Antique Pelinkovac, the brand strategy meticulously defined the brand ecosystem and all modalities of visual and linguistic communication. These were then consistently adapted to various forms of communication targeting both B2B and B2C consumers. Through the synergistic impact of quality distribution and repositioned, strengthened branding, Antique Pelinkovac has not only been revitalized but also elevated to the position of one of the industry's flagships, and a source of pride for national identity.